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The Waiest® Moving Wai Dan as seen in the Free Waiest Qigong Manual: Qigong Healing . Qigong Benefits 

The Waiest Arts Breath of Life Meditation Center your mind, your breathing, and your body. The Breath of Life will calm your spirit, focus your mind, and cleanse your body. Be at one with universal life. Have a great day! As seen on Waiest Qigong Home Study DVD. Qigong Healing . Qigong Benefits 

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A Waiest® Chi Monk is a new concept for a new day. We are every day people, men and women living our daily lives, but who have decided to take a stand and to say, “I do not have to settle for the dictates and demands of society’s weakness. I can be more! “I may not be able to change the world but I can take control of myself, of my life’s journey.” and, by doing so, the world changes for me!

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We are happy to offer you a FREE introductory to the Waiest® Qigong Home Study Program. The Waiest meditation Arts were specifically developed as a home study program and is meant as an individual journey of discovery.