Sounds of Meditation© By Dorje ~ This wonderful CD of relaxing music will help enhance your meditative experiences and can be used as a meditative timing tool.

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All proceeds help fund the Waiest Universal Life Temple and help us to further our cause to bring peace, enlightenment, and relief from suffering to a needy world. Help us make a difference! I hope they help you find peace and happiness on your journey. ~Dorje

With a $1.00 donation you'll get "The Door, " the Path to Waiest Spirit Warrior digital manual.
With a $3.00 donation you'll get the "Way of Middle Path" guide to enlightenment and personal success digital book.
With a $5.00 donation you will get "The Warrior's Path" Waiest Qigong digital manual. For a $10.00 or more donation you will receive all three digital books!
After your donation, your digital book will be sent to you at your email within one to five days.

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Large item shipping $15.
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Some items may only have 1 in inventory! I can ship all items to you, or if you live in the Panama City or Lynn Haven FL area, I can even deliver them to you! That’s right! Have all kinds of sage, incense, and other cool things delivered right to your door! For more cool items check out my online store! Call 850-348-6651 for more details on shipping or delivery. ~ Namaste

Small item shipping $5

Threefold path instance bundle! All your favrite instance! $8.00 + Small

All your favorite incense, such as nagchampa and om nagchampa are available along with a new favorite, Song of India. It smells like the inside of Indian temples. It is beautiful and one of my best sellers! The purchase of these help to benefit the needy children of India!

Medium item shipping $10

Large item

shipping $15

Check out all of my home study material and other really cool items on our online store. It's all done through Square so it’s pretty cool!

Get digital downloads of Dorje’s books, music, guided meditations, and motivational speaking here! For hardcopies check out our online store!

5 Directions Smudge Bundle $12.00 + Small

I will bring you five great sage bundles with a mixture of lavender and sweetgrass to help remove any unneeded energy and bring in needed energy.

More new items coming all the time! I will deliver these items directly to your home if you wish. You can come by my home studio and pick them up if you would like or I can ship them to you! Contact me at 850-348-6655 for details. Remember, if you want something delivered, give me a call first so we can work out the details. Namaste

Assorted Rope Incense ~ I also have hand rolled rope incense from Tibet. It is amazing and has to be seen to be believed! Everyone I’ve ever shown it to loves it. 

Tibetan Rope Incense ~ The Triloka rope incense is sure to positively affect the essence of any environment. The all-natural 3-1/2” long ropes come in an assortment of life-enhancing aromas. (pack of 20) $4 for one bundle + Small

Dorje can help bring better energy, stress relief, and happiness to your life.

Dorje’s sales

Dorje can come to your house for a house blessing. This is great for brand new homes or homes that have had a dark time that needs to be brightened. This is great for children who need their rooms to be cleared of negative energy. $45 donation plus traveling expenses depending how far you live.

Dorje can make a spirit bag for you and your home to help keep your house happy and clean of unneeded energy! Handmade blessed spirit bags! $15 donation

Healing energy sessions! Dorje can help your Chi flow more smoothly and generally feel better, helping your healing process. $45 donation

Call Dorje for more details 850-348-6651

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