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You can buy my cool stuff here on my website!!!! Check out my books and music!!! I have awesome unique incense and sage! Free shipping man!!! Come on now, this is how I buy sandwiches to eat!

With a $1.00 donation you'll get "The Door, " the Path to Waiest Spirit Warrior digital manual.
With a $3.00 donation you'll get the "Way of Middle Path" guide to enlightenment and personal success digital book.
With a $5.00 donation you will get "The Warrior's Path" Waiest Qigong digital manual. For a $10.00 or more donation you will receive all three digital books!
After your donation, your digital book will be sent to you at your email within one to five days.

Hey kids! Check out all the Bearded Hippie Wizard's fun stuff on his YouTube channel man, from serious to bazaar; you'll really dig it man! You might have some fun and you might even learn something! Have a cool journey. Peace, love, and chicken wings!! Meditation Music • Guided Meditations • Fun Stuff  • Waiest Qigong • Motivational Speaking

Get digital downloads of Dorje’s books, music, guided meditations, and motivational speaking here! For hardcopies check out our online store!

Places to catch The Bearded Hippie Wizard!
- Lynn Haven block party May 12 Florida Avenue! 5 to 9 PM
- Lynn Haven hermit crab festival June 9 from 2 to 9 PM at Porter Park
- Lynn Haven 4th of July at Scheffield Park
- Lynn Haven winter wonderland November 17
More dates to be announced!!! Keep your eye on my Facebook page!

Remember, if you can’t catch me at a festival you can come by the Bearded Hippie Wizard's studio! Just give me a call or text and come by my studio to get cool stuff you need! I even teach Meditation and Waiest Qigong.... So come by and check it out! Have some fun! 850 348 6651

Dorje Robert Wiest~ The Bearded Hippie Wizard ~ Sage, Incense, & Cool Stuff

Founder Waiest QigongMeditation • Classes • Seminars • Festivals

Sounds of Meditation© By Dorje ~ This wonderful CD of relaxing music will help enhance your meditative experiences and can be used as a meditative timing tool.

  • Dorje can come to your house for a house blessing. This is great for brand new homes or homes that have had a dark time that needs to be brightened. This is great for children who need their rooms to be cleared of negative energy. $65 donation plus traveling expenses depending how far you live.
  • Dorje can make a spirit bag for you and your home to help keep your house happy and clean of unneeded energy! Handmade blessed spirit bags! $20 donation
  • Healing energy sessions! Dorje can help your Chi flow more smoothly and generally feel better, helping your healing process. $65 donation
  • Dorje also does weddings. That’s right get married by a real Chi Monk! $100 donation
  • Call Dorje for more details 850-348-6651