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Sifu Dorje - Shaolin . Qigong . Dim Mak . Meditation Classes ~​
$100 a month ~ No children ~ By acceptance only ~ Contact for class application 850-348-6651.

Private lessons ~ Private Waiest Qigong lessons are now available! Dorje will come to you! $45 for a specialized 45 minute class. Contact Dorje at 850-348-6651.

Waiest Qigong In The Park ~ Call Dorje for details at 850-348-6651.

or contact us about seminars and we will come to you!

Seminars ~ These specialized seminars are good for any organization or business, helping to distress, be more productive, live a healthier lifestyle, and be more positive. Private Waiest Qigong seminars are now available! Dorje will come to you! $25 a head for a 45 minute seminar. Contact Dorje at 850-348-6651 for booking!

Waiest Qigong Home Study ~ The Waiest® Arts were specifically developed as a home study program and is meant as an individual journey of discovery.  It was developed over 30 years of study with monks, mystics, shaman, gurus and martial art masters from around the world, bringing together this knowledge for you with this home study program to help you make the best of your journey.

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