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ENROLL IN THE WAIEST® UNIVERSITY ~ You can now enroll in the Waiest® University and Seminary with the Waiest® Qigong home study training program where you can discover new and ancient forms of meditation, philosophical, natural health, and chi training exercises to bring more balance to your life. You can also study to become certified in the Waiest Arts as an instructor and/or join us as a Waiest chi monk dedicating yourself to the study of chi, mental discipline, honor, and enlightenment as you become a chi master. You can enroll in the Waiest® University with the Waiest® Arts Home Study Program for only a one-time enrollment fee of $155.99. This covers your lifetime membership within the Waiest® Order plus a lifetime of training material, covering three different levels of ordainment study in chi training and meditation. All at no extra fees to you!

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The Waiest Order is an ever-growing movement! There are Waiest Chi Monks all around the world, in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, Israel, India, Russia, and Mexico just to name a few. Our goal is to engage the world in thought and offer a path to enlightenment and inner peace through meditation and chi training. The Waiest Order has one simple message: To better oneself is to better the world. The true test is within. 

The Waiest® Order is not based on beliefs but on how one conducts oneself. There are many people with many beliefs who still conduct themselves badly.  The Waiest® Order was founded on the concepts of honor and discipline laid forth by the samurai, knights, and warrior monks of old and reforged as a code of conduct for a new day.

The Waiest® teachings are for everyone. Not all that train in the Waiest® Arts are obligated to become a Waiest® Chi Monk. Just like all of those who train in Yoga do not become Yogis and all of those who train in Shaolin Fist Kung Fu do not become Shaolin monks. It is a life calling that one must feel from within.

The Waiest Order ~ Simplicity in philosophy, discipline in training, and honor above all! A Martial Art for the Mind ~ Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome! A Waiest Chi Monk/Priest is a new concept of what the idea of a monk is for a new day. We are every day people, men and women living our daily lives, but have dedicated ourselves to the study of chi, mental discipline, honor, and enlightenment, bettering the world through bettering ourselves. Become a Waiest Chi Monk with our home study program.
1. The Waiest Universal Life Temple is not a place to visit. It is the place where you already are. Everywhere is your temple, every day is your special day, and universal life is your teacher. Be not confined by book, building, or idea but open to the very essence of universal life and all within the journey. We learn from living, doing, and experiencing the journey. We learn from climbing the mountain. This is universal life’s teachings.
2. Waiest Qigong is not a belief to have but an art to train in; the art of one's life, the art of one's journey. Waiest Qigong specializes in qi training that brings balance to the journey.
3. A Waiest Chi Monk is one who trains in this art and follows this path; to be at one with universal life and the flow of universal life force energy, qi.

Walk the path of a Waiest Chi Monk ~ True power is to transcend the need of power, for the only actions I can truly control are my own, the only warrior I need to conquer is the warrior within, and the only person I am ever in competition with is myself. 

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